Dr. med. Roland B. Schaffer – highly specialized in liposuction

Dr. med. Roland B. Schaffer is an internationally renowned physician, who in 1998 was the world’s first doctor to specialise in liposuction. Probably no one has performed as many liposuction procedures as he has. He is the owner and founder of the clinic modern liposuction, which exclusively provides liposuction services and is well known far beyond the national borders.

Dr. med. Roland B. Schaffer is the owner of the Lipoflex® brand. With Lipoflex®, Dr. med. Roland B. Schaffer has developed a method by which troublesome body fat can be very precisely removed, reduced and altered in its structure, without narcosis and hospitalisation. His concept is essentially based on three modules, which can be applied individually or in combination. In bodystyling, fat is delicately removed with flexible cannulae and the figure is thus sculpted into its optimal shape. Fatburning burns fat and establishes an ideal weight. And cellustyling optimises the structure of the adipose tissue. Thanks to this multi-modular technique, troublesome and pathogenic fatty tissue can be optimally removed and the figure can be sculpted into its ideal shape. The results are outstanding. The Lipoflex® method is continually optimised by Dr. med. Roland B. Schaffer and his team, and brought into line with state-of-the-art technological and medical innovations from year to year.

As well as founding of the clinic modern liposuction, Dr. med. Roland B. Schaffer is also the founder of the academy of the same name, where doctors are internationally trained and qualified in liposuction.

Dr. med. Roland B. Schaffer has received broad surgical training. Before setting up his highly specialised clinic of excellence for modern liposuction, he worked at the Cantonal Hospital of Lucerne as well as at the university hospitals of Bern and Zurich. His training has also taken him to the USA, France and Italy.

Dr. med. Roland B. Schaffer finds ongoing further training crucial: thus he attends various international congresses annually to offer his clients the most innovative medical technologies in liposuction.

Known from:

Liposuction specialist – highly specialized around the fat cell